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In touch with the family on Easter

Posted: April 13, 2020 by Dan Golden

Mitigation has been in the news for the past month or so. We managed to mitigate the isolation of an Easter Sunday without a family gathering thanks to the wonders of modern technology, namely, something called Portal.

Portal is a device made by Facebook that allows you to have visual/audio contact with people who have their own Portal, much as you do on Facetime, only better. It’s a bit like Facetime on steroids.

I think it’s better because you don’t have to hold your phone, you get to sit back and relax while you talk on the Portal, plus the screen is about the size of laptop, which allows you to see more of the people you are speaking with.  Additionally, the camera automatically follows the subjects on the other end of the Portal. And finally, if children are involved, the Portal has the built-in capability of putting playful emojis on your face or head to entertain the kids. And it’s hilarious.

Portal allowed us to view an Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning in Hershey, then later in the day simultaneously visit with our sons and their families in San Francisco, Seattle and Hershey. With four grandchildren, including two babies, it was both chaotic and entertaining. A great way to spend time together on Easter.

The only shortcoming: the Portal does not take still photos. I was thinking during the Easter egg hunt that it was a shame I could not get any photos. Then I had a brainstorm.  I took photos of the screen showing the hunt. The result: an unmitigated success.

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