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Running the good race -- Horsham's Freezer 5K

Posted: December 11, 2019 by Dan Golden

On Sunday morning, Dec. 8, I ran in the Freezer 5K run at Simmons Elementary School in Horsham Township. It was the first time I have run in the event, but it won’t be the last.

The weather cooperated – it was cold but mostly still -- and the course has one long hill to make it a challenge, but it wasn’t brutal. Additionally, most of the return part of the course felt as though it was downhill, which is always nice.

The race is called the Freezer 5K because the goal is to fill the freezers of our neighbors in need with food for the holidays, so you are running for a good cause.

But there was a lot of good stuff for participants before and after the race. The long sleeve shirt they gave you for running was one of the nicest shirts I have ever received in my 10 years of running. I will wear it, and not just when I run.

They had water at the finish line, plus, when you walked into the Simmons gym after the race you had your choice of hot coffee, smoothies, hoagies and cake or pasty to eat. I have never seen a spread quite like that after a race.

In my experience, post-race snacks usually amount to a banana or a bagel. This one was almost like having an indoor picnic with neighbors. 

So next December, keep an eye out for word of the Freezer 5K. And here's a tip. Come hungry.

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