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Holiday traffic is no excuse for bad driving

Posted: December 02, 2019 by Dan Golden

After traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on the Friday after Thanksgiving, I have come to a conclusion: many people use holiday traffic as an excuse to drive stupidly.

This is a purely unscientific observation based solely on the number of dangerous  driving actions I witnessed in the span of 90 minutes while en route to Hershey to visit my son and his family.

It began on Route 611 as I approached the turnpike entrance when a motorist leaving a business stuck the nose of his car into the southbound lane as traffic sped by, necessitating a swerve.

At the Willow Grove interchange, as I neared the EzPass lanes toward the right of the toll booths, a driver who was doing about 50 passed me on the right and scared the hell out of me. When I had looked for other approaching traffic seconds before, the car was nowhere in sight.

On the 80 minute ride to the Hershey Interchange, I saw five or six instances of drivers in the right lane traveling at 65-75 mph moving suddenly to the left and squeezing in between passing vehicles. The spaces seemed hardly big enough to fit a car in and these drivers were doing it at the speed limit. It made me cringe as I watched, surprised that nobody slammed on their brakes and created a huge accident.

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